The Theology of Pain

In his treatise on spiritual matters in the classic eighth chapter of Romans Paul plainly posits in verse 22 that “the whole creation groaneth and travaileth in pain together until now.”  It was so because of the universal consequences ultimately of sin and it is only bearable because of the hope that believers possess that inContinue reading “The Theology of Pain”

What’s That in Your Hand?

It was only a rod, a common, simple shepherd’s stick that Moses had picked up somewhere on the desert; a rod like any other rod.  There was nothing uncommon about it; there was nothing especially noteworthy concerning it:  it looked like a thousand other rods that any of many shepherds might have carried. “What is that inContinue reading “What’s That in Your Hand?”


You’ve been to college—maybe even seminary.  You’ve been graduated, certified, ordained and commissioned with every credential in order, and, in time you have been or you will be culled and called to serve.  On your resume there is nothing lacking, nothing sparing.  You literally “fit the bill” and by every conceivable canon you are fully equipped and readyContinue reading “Broken”

What To Do About Slow Bellies

You may be wondering if you’ve read the title whether this post will be about a diet or a matter related to physical health.  Right up front, let me relieve you of that concern.  This post, though, will address a very important subject, one that the Apostle Paul wrote of when penning an epistle to his sonContinue reading “What To Do About Slow Bellies”