On Missions and Missionaries

I have just returned from Watertown, Wisconsin, where the Calvary Baptist Church, led by Pastor Bob Loggans, graciously hosted the 60th annual meeting of the Baptist World Mission on which it has been my privilege to have served as a board member with 30 or so other pastors and Christian leaders for forty of those sixtyContinue reading “On Missions and Missionaries”

Back Home to the Blue Ridge

(Editor’s note:  Ellen and I married in August of 1965 whereupon we moved to Minnesota where I began seminary classes in early September.  Ellen never “looked back” and from the first day of seminary to the present day, we have been involved in ministry and have seldom gotten to go “home” to see family.  Ellen never complained aboutContinue reading “Back Home to the Blue Ridge”

“The Way of an Eagle”

Solomon, in Proverbs 30:19 said that there were four things too wonderful for him, one of which was the way of an eagle in the air. (Interestingly, Benjamin Franklin bemoaned the fact that the eagle was our national emblem, opining that the turkey would be more fitting!). The eagle, faster and stronger than any birdContinue reading ““The Way of an Eagle””