Pastor, Priest and Providence

Recently, I had an experience during an hour-long flight from Indianapolis to Charlotte that I could have only dreamed of that I’d like to share with you. It was another of the myriad of moments in one’s life of the providential working of God in arranging divine appointments for His own: Ellen and I hadContinue reading “Pastor, Priest and Providence”

Shaken Saint Syndrome, Part 2

In my first full-time pastorate in Wichita, Kansas, a thirteen-year-old boy, with life’s dreams looming large on his youthful horizon, died after a brief bout with cancer. His faithful father and mother had to have been shaken to the core of their being; but as this young fresh out of seminary and not yet 30Continue reading “Shaken Saint Syndrome, Part 2”

“Will You Also Go Away?”

“Burn out, zone out, cop out, drop out” are expressions not unfamiliar to us as they describe a psychological, sociological or spiritual phenomenon not new to the 21st century. We are living in a stress-ridden world and the toll that stress takes upon today’s citizenry seems to increase, multiply or magnify with each passing currentContinue reading ““Will You Also Go Away?””

A Major Baptist Doctrine

A preacher once attended a big convention and heard a message in which the speaker used the word “procrastination” several times.  So fascinated by the word, a new word to the novice, he determined then and there to use it in one of his upcoming sermons. He did just that, incorporating the word “procrastination” threeContinue reading “A Major Baptist Doctrine”

What Commitment Looks Like Up Close

I have written recently about commitment (“If I Falter, Push Me On”) but I want to revisit that subject again in this post from a slightly different perspective. I want to write from the vantage point of a pastor who in 50 years of pastoring has seen about every kind of commitment there is toContinue reading “What Commitment Looks Like Up Close”

“If I Falter, Push Me On”

Jesus said that “whosoever will lose his life for my sake, the same shall find it” (Luke 9:24). Losing one’s life for a cause is commitment; losing one’s life for Jesus’ sake would be the ultimate commitment. Commitment in the 21st century has been put to the test as we are about to enter yearContinue reading ““If I Falter, Push Me On””