When Life Seems Unbearable

A pastor friend once wrote me: “Spurgeon said, in his lectures to his students, that ‘depression goes with the territory.’ I had just finished a rigorous two-year study leading to my doctorate. The course of study was completed and I was being awarded my hard-earned degree. Both my wife and I were excited as IContinue reading “When Life Seems Unbearable”

Psalm of the Senior Saint

When I preached a message from Psalm 71 in 1989, I began, “If time continues, sociologists are saying that the world may be ruled by what they call a ‘gerontocracy.’ By the year 2000, there will be 32-36 million senior citizens in the U.S. (there were 39 million), and twice that by the year 2020.”Continue reading “Psalm of the Senior Saint”

The Slander of Many

What David said, most of us could affirm: “I have heard the slander of many.” (Ps. 31:13) Slander is surely one of the besetting sins of saints.  The New Testament epistles are replete with references to this sin. Paul said, “Being defamed, we entreat.” (I Cor. 4:13) Synonyms for slander include the word Paul usedContinue reading “The Slander of Many”

The Call to Preach, Part 2

In the previous installment of “You and God” I discussed, in general, the call to preach. If you are interested in what constitutes a call to “full-time” gospel ministry, specifically to preach or pastor or to be in vocational ministry that involves a teaching/preaching ministry, I encourage you to read that discussion (“You and God,”Continue reading “The Call to Preach, Part 2”