To Drink or Not to Drink

Most conservative, Bible-believing churches induct new members into their fellowship by asking them to agree with a Church Covenant that binds the member to an agreement “to abstain from the sale and use of intoxicating drinks as a beverage, and to be zealous in our efforts to advance the kingdom of our Savior.” Sunday SchoolContinue reading “To Drink or Not to Drink”

For Preachers Only, Part 2

In the previous “For Preachers Only” post (1/25/23), I shared some wisdom that the late Pastor Bob Kelley set forth in an article entitled “The Greatest Lessons I Have Learned as a Preacher of the Gospel.” (Sword of the Lord, 2/9/07) I would like to share the rest of his lessons in this second installment:Continue reading “For Preachers Only, Part 2”

Backsliding: How to and How Not to

Though the term “backsliding” is an Old Testament concept—the word never occurs in the New Testament—it connotes something that believers in this age can fall prey to. There are many ways that a Christian can backslide today. First, you can lose your first love: “Nevertheless, I have somewhat against thee, because thou hast left thyContinue reading “Backsliding: How to and How Not to”

Crime in Our Cities

We have a huge problem with crime in our city, Indianapolis. Just this past weekend—the first weekend of February 2023—three homicides were reported in our metropolitan area. Sadly, the out-of-control crime wave is not plaguing our city alone, as most major cities across America report the same problem. It’s not for lack of money, norContinue reading “Crime in Our Cities”

Sin’s Plaguing Presence

We are delivered from sin’s penalty through justification and from its power through sanctification. This side of glory, though, we never will be rid of sin’s presence. Any believer who thinks otherwise is doomed to frustration and failure in the Christian life. In a message from I John 1:8, the late Bible teacher Lehman StraussContinue reading “Sin’s Plaguing Presence”

God Never Ceases Being God

Historian Cassius Dio told a story about Hadrian, a Roman Emperor (117-128 AD), and a woman who made a request of him as he passed by her way on a journey. Hadrian curtly replied, “I haven’t time”—to which the petitioner responded, “Then quit being emperor!” Upon hearing that rebuke, the emperor turned and granted theContinue reading “God Never Ceases Being God”