The Devil’s Highest Reward

The late “Sword of the Lord” editor Curtis Hutson once used the following illustration: “A Sunday School teacher was teaching about the Devil. Looking at a small boy who had come to Sunday School on a church bus, he asked, ‘You’re not afraid of the Devil, are you?’ The little fellow paused a moment andContinue reading The Devil’s Highest Reward

At the Feet of Jesus

Jesus, at the onset of His public ministry, chose twelve men “that they should be with Him.” From Him, they “caught” and were taught lessons on discipleship, future world end-time events, doctrinal matters concerning the Church-age, and the future phases of His kingdom on earth and beyond.  We marvel—as we walk with them from pageContinue reading At the Feet of Jesus

The Power of the Gospel

Lew Wallace, a Union general in the Civil War, happened to be seated near Col. Robert Ingersoll while on a train. In the course of their trip, the conversation turned to the subject of Christ’s divinity.  Ingersoll was an infidel, but Wallace had an open mind regarding the person and divinity of Christ. After theContinue reading “The Power of the Gospel”

A Testimony to God’s Grace and Power

(When I was senior pastor of Thompson Road Baptist Church, we published a monthly “TRBC Times” newsletter.  This is a reprint of an article I wrote for it in July 2004.) For several hours the Friday before Father’s Day, I sat transfixed before the television watching the funeral service for the 40th President of theContinue reading A Testimony to God’s Grace and Power

A Churchy World or a Worldly Church?

The English pastor and theologian Griffith Thomas was once asked if he thought the world was becoming a little churchy, to which he replied, “It’s true that the world is becoming a little churchy; but the church is becoming immensely worldly.” D. L. Moody, the 19th-century American evangelist, was quoted as saying, “The churches areContinue reading “A Churchy World or a Worldly Church?”

America’s 246th Birthday—Special You and God Edition

This weekend we celebrate America’s 246th birthday! We sing “God Bless America,” and we must say that God has blessed America.  With all the monumental problems facing this great land of liberty, the USA is still at the top of the mountain of nations, with no country even running a close second.  That is notContinue reading America’s 246th Birthday—Special You and God Edition