“If We Did Not Go, Who Would Go?”

A  young man who had lived on the southside of Indianapolis, ending up for help at Lester Roloff’s Lighthouse for men from whence he would migrate to Tennessee Temple College in the early 1970’s, and a quiet, shy young lady from Prosperity, West Virginia, also a student at TTC at that same time, met, fell inContinue reading ““If We Did Not Go, Who Would Go?””

Two Kinds of Wisdom, Pt. 2

Our focus today is that wisdom from above, and our text book is the New Testament epistle of James, chapter three, verses 13-18.  James has identified two kinds of wisdom:  (1)  One that is earthly, sensual, devilish and, therefore, destructive, divisive and demonic; and (2) One that is from above which can be identified inContinue reading “Two Kinds of Wisdom, Pt. 2”

Two Kinds of Wisdom

Job asked, “Where shall wisdom be found?”  James queries, “Who is a wise man and endued with knowledge?”  The quest for life’s age-old answers concerning wisdom, its source and substance, takes one ultimately to the Book of Wisdom, Solomon’s Proverbs:  “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom,” and on a similar theme, “The fear ofContinue reading “Two Kinds of Wisdom”

Waiting the Call (An Easter Poem)

Nature blushed in reverence of God’s Son upon the tree, While the thirsty mob for death did yell. Jesus died that day to set his killers free, But God refused to leave the Holy One in hell. That is why He died though Satan’s worst at Him was hurled; That is why from heav’n toContinue reading “Waiting the Call (An Easter Poem)”

Transforming Touch

How powerful a touch can be!  It costs the giver virtually nothing but can be of inestimable value to the recipient.  It can melt hearts hardened by bitter woes, can obliterate man made fences that have obstructed relationships and can soothe cares better than man’s best pharmaceuticals. Three of Jesus’ disciples, his inner circle including Peter, JamesContinue reading “Transforming Touch”