The Personal Praise of God’s People (Lamentations, Part 3)

Can you remember a time that you thought was the darkest hour of your life? Perhaps you had just made a colossal business blunder that had cost you hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars. Maybe you had just received news that your spouse or child was hopelessly ill. Or, you might have come home and foundContinue reading “The Personal Praise of God’s People (Lamentations, Part 3)”

The Despair of a Disciplined Nation

Chapter 2 of the book of Lamentations might well be titled, “The Purposeful Punishment of God’s People.” It begins with the same word as chapter 1, “How!” It is a word of utter amazement, the only word the prophet could think of as he surveyed the devastation that God had brought upon His people, HisContinue reading “The Despair of a Disciplined Nation”

A Mother’s Heart

“Deep within her breast of clay, filled with love from day to day;All for you from life’s first start, is your mother’s holy heart.Heart of passion, peace and prayer; heart of mother’s daily care;For her children one and all, should they stand or should they fall.Heart endowed with God’s own love, filled with goodness fromContinue reading “A Mother’s Heart”

How! (Pt. 2 on the book of Lamentations)

Recently, our local police department dispatched a couple of SWAT teams to the east side of our city after receiving a call from a frantic young woman. She had escaped from a house where a sadistic male had held two young women hostage for several days. A tipster reported that there was a girl chainedContinue reading “How! (Pt. 2 on the book of Lamentations)”