The Merry-God-Round of Marriage

The oldest divinely established institution known to man is marriage. It began in the Garden and will continue to be the divine arrangement for happy and holy living as long as men live on this earth. The institution as such has been the recipient of the onslaught of Satan since earth’s earliest days. Divorce, polygamy,Continue reading “The Merry-God-Round of Marriage”

What Can Make Me Whole Again?

Some years ago, at the Great World Fair, held in the city of Chicago, there was said to be a meeting of people representing the various religions of the world. At that meeting was an old-fashioned Bible believing preacher who set out to demonstrate the superiority of Christianity. To do so, he began to quoteContinue reading “What Can Make Me Whole Again?”

You Won’t See God Without It

The Bible states plainly that we should “Follow after peace with all men AND HOLINESS without which no man can see God.” (Hebs.12:14) There is nothing more important yet possibly more unappealing to most than the subject of holiness. To be sure, because some have misrepresented what holiness is, it has taken a bad rap,Continue reading “You Won’t See God Without It”

Faithfully Consistent, Consistently Faithful

Last Thursday I wrote about these days being “the good old days,” encouraging all of us to glance back from time to time remembering God’s goodness, but to look forward always by faith, expecting the best days would be days present and days ahead. That truth was embodied by a fellow servant/soldier of the crossContinue reading “Faithfully Consistent, Consistently Faithful”