“It Ain’t Over ‘til It’s Over!”

The title of this post just might bring to memory Yogi Berra, famed catcher of the New York Yankees back in the years when I was a pre-teen devouring everything baseball. Yogi became known for what I would call linguistic conundrums such as “baseball is 90% physical and the other half mental,” or “No oneContinue reading ““It Ain’t Over ‘til It’s Over!””

The Believer and His Mammon

Jesus concluded a lesson in Luke 16:1-13 with the categorical statement, “Ye cannot serve God and mammon.” Mammon is a word that has roots in Aramaic and Latin and Greek languages and generally means what one trusts and is commonly considered one’s wealth. Jesus referred to “the mammon of unrighteousness” (v.9) indicating that it isContinue reading “The Believer and His Mammon”

She Had Waited 70 Years!

Preachers often answer the difficult question about peoples in isolated places or third world countries that do not have a church and a copy of God’s Word to read.  How can they be saved?  Are they condemned then to eternal damnation for never having heard?  The brief but Biblical answer to that honest question is that natural revelationContinue reading “She Had Waited 70 Years!”

“If I Were the Devil”

The late ABC commentator Paul Harvey (1918-2009) wrote the following piece which has been posted and updated many times since its first presentation by the inimitable newscaster who always ended his news program with, “…Good day!”  His style and his honesty as a reporter were in stark contrast to what you will hear on almost anyContinue reading ““If I Were the Devil””