What Keeps People Out of Heaven

Since my “You and God” blog hit your “inbox” last Tuesday more than three quarters of a million babies have been born worldwide! Some “guesstimate” that of that number, ninety percent of them will live, die and go out into eternity without having embraced the faith “once delivered,” the life-saving, soul-saving gospel of Jesus Christ,Continue reading “What Keeps People Out of Heaven”

Be Strong and of Good Courage

Those were the words God repeatedly set before Joshua, the successor to Moses who had died having led the Israelites out of Egypt and through a 40-year maize of a wandering wilderness journey. At the age of 120 Moses, who had received the 10 commandments from God’s hand on Mt. Sinai, Moses, the larger-than-life legend,Continue reading “Be Strong and of Good Courage”

 The Church and the 21st Century Pandemic

A friend of mine, teaching Sunday School, told (with tongue in cheek) how the Puritans dealt with absence from church.  “Here is how they did things: Miss one Sunday and you get no meals on Monday; miss two Sundays and you get a whipping; miss three Sundays and you go to jail; miss four Sundays:Continue reading ” The Church and the 21st Century Pandemic”

What God Requires of You

“Wherewith shall I come before the Lord, and bow myself before the most High God?” Maybe you’ve asked yourself that question!  It’s the question Israel asked itself as expressed in Micah 6:6. How can a mortal man approach the immortal, invisible God of the universe? We naturally think in terms of the physical, external. CanContinue reading “What God Requires of You”