Faithfully Consistent, Consistently Faithful

Last Thursday I wrote about these days being “the good old days,” encouraging all of us to glance back from time to time remembering God’s goodness, but to look forward always by faith, expecting the best days would be days present and days ahead. That truth was embodied by a fellow servant/soldier of the cross who was ushered into His Master’s presence December 22, 2020. I want to share with you excerpts from a letter Dr./Pastor Collins Glenn wrote from his hospital bed just days before his departure. May his desire be that which characterizes each of us an we “keep on keeping on,” with our shoulders to the plow:

“I am writing this update from my hospital bed on December 4 not knowing when I will exit the premises…or if I will exit vertically. I do not know my exact bottom line as of this writing. I do know my blood pressure is extremely low and my breathing is shallow. I do hope that I can soon resume normal lifestyle and carry on my life’s ministry. My desire is the same as that of the Apostle Paul’s…2 Timothy 4:7, ‘I have finished my course, I have kept the faith.’ Keeping the faith is being faithful to God’s calling upon your life. I have no hopes of challenging Methuselah for the life’s longevity record.

“Here is a thought to ponder. Recently, I based a message on Isaiah 43:18-21. Israel was told NOT to dwell (remember) on past miracles and blessings expecting them to be duplicated and repeated. Rather they were told to look for a NEW act of God on their behalf. (v.19) Yesterday’s blessings met the present needs of yesterday. Needs and circumstances of today are different from those of yesterday. As God was able to meet needs of yesterday, so He is able to meet all the needs of our present circumstances. He will do something NEW to meet the needs of today. Yesterday’s blessing will not solve today’s needs. God transcends time. He is always current. His grace (2 Cor.12:9) is always sufficient…yesterday, today and tomorrow. Think today! As a good soldier of Jesus Christ, we need to be strong in the Lord (doctrine of Christology) and expect wisdom and strength to stand for truth and defend the faith once delivered unto the saints. (Jude 3)

“As I see our situation today, leaders of today are the descendants of the ‘hippie generation’ which was generally a movement of anti-authority. Being a student of past, present and future events according to a Dispensational Interpretation of Bible teaching, I believe the following truths:

a. Stay close to God in faith
b. Stay obedient to God in lifestyle and service
c. Remember that He will never leave nor forsake you
d. Remember that you have a home in Heaven
e. Present the Gospel to every person possible
f. Believers are required to be faithful in all areas of duty (I Cor. 4:2) Circumstances must not be allowed to cause us to forsake His Church, or our
responsibilities in it such as prayer, giving, study, missions, etc.

I conclude this update with my personal statement of faith and intention knowing that I may falter at times. My goal: Be faithfully consistent and consistently faithful.”

Sincerely Yours and His Forever,

Collins Glenn

(Note: Pastor Glenn, in this letter written from his hospital bed December 4, said that there was planned a special day at Temple Baptist Church in Dunkirk on December 13, and he said as a P.S. to his letter, “I am anticipating seeing you on the 13th!” Pastor Glenn was called home on December 22, 2020. Anyone who knew him would agree without hesitation that he had realized his life’s goal. His life’s verse was

And Jesus said unto him, no man, having put his hand to the plough, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God.” (Luke 9:62)

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