Suffering 21st Century Saints

About 25 years ago, an evangelist was able to organize a trip to Cuba, the window of opportunity opening for a limited time to travel there for humanitarian and educational purposes.  It was a two-way arrangement with our neighboring nation just 90 miles southeast of Florida and the journey was one etched in my memory indelibly.  AnotherContinue reading “Suffering 21st Century Saints”

Crown of Glory Candidate

A faithful pastor who gave his life serving others was graduated to glory a couple of days before Christmas.  He pastored two church plant churches early in his ministry, then pastored Grace Baptist Church of Muncie, Indiana, for 45 years, and if that were not enough, he rounded out his ministry by pastoring Temple Baptist ChurchContinue reading “Crown of Glory Candidate”

O Holy Night

There is, after all the hustle and bustle of preparing for another Christmas day, an amazing aura about Christmas Eve.  Stores begin to close mid to late afternoon, traffic slows considerably, darkness sets in highlighting all the brightly beaming lights on lawns and houses, and a stillness grips the air that seems to be uncommon.  It is,Continue reading “O Holy Night”