The Wise Woman

“Honor thy father and mother; (which is the first commandment with promise).” (Eph. 6:2)

It happened of old in the little- known town of Abel.  Sheba, an enemy of King David, was running for his life following the downfall of Absalom and his rebellion and insurrection against his father, the King.  Sheba had made it to the town of Abel and Joab, David’s captain, was in hot pursuit.  David’s men were ready to tear down the gates of the city to get at their man.  But a wise old woman who lived within those city gates interceded.  She pled with Joab not to destroy the entire town just for one person.  She promised that she would serve up the head of Sheba in a basket before the sun would rise on the next day.  And she did!

In her piteous plea the old woman said to battle-hardened Joab: “Thou seekest to destroy a city and a mother in Israel:  why wilt thou swallow up the inheritance of the Lord?”  Her appeal was well worded and aptly directed.  Joab responded that in no way would he want to swallow up the inheritance of the Lord!  The wise woman of Abel was granted her petition to Joab, and because she lived scores of innocent men, women and children were spared.  In making her plea the woman also said “I am one of them that are peaceable and faithful in Israel.” (2 Sam. 20:19).

Thank God for good mothers.  I praise Him for my Godly mother who lived before her children as one who feared God and kept His commandments.  She loved God’s Word.  She was a devout student of things scriptural and spiritual.  She had a thirst for knowing Him better and for sharing things she had learned in her search for truth.  My mother-in-law was likewise a Godly woman whose life was immersed in serving her Lord and Savior and tending to the needs of her family and of her pastor-husband who served a local church in their neighborhood for fifty years. Ellen and I have a Godly heritage.  I am truly thankful to God, also, that the woman I married 55 years ago has been from the first day of her motherhood a woman of faith, genuine Christ-like character, love of God and of God’s family and especially His local church and its ministries.  She, along with her mother and mine, could say “I am one of the peaceable and faithful mothers of the land.”  May God raise up millions more for such a time as this.

A Mother’s Prayer 
(a tribute to my Godly Mother)

God of the weak, the lame and poor,
Whose Son is Christ, the Way and Door;
Oh, hear my weary groan and sigh,
Oh, hear me, God as I now cry.
Please grant me wisdom from above,
Mix it in me with grace and love;
Help me to others freely give,
And only for your glory live.
May others see your light in me,
And may they also rest in Thee;
Safe in the blessings of Thy grace,
Showing the beauty of Thy face;
And may I, God, my family reach.
Help me my children ever teach.
Oh, let us one in Thee be found,
And ever forth Thy praises sound.

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