Together Again

“And they continued steadfastly in the Apostles’ doctrine and fellowship, and in breaking of bread, and in prayers.” (Acts 2:42)

Well, after two months without assembling ourselves together for worship with those of like faith, we are beginning to “Open Up” our church houses once again for corporate worship.  It is refreshing and revitalizing to sing together, offer praises and prayers with the body of believers and then to bow before His Word as it is held forth as the Word of Life by teachers and under shepherds.  We will never again, I hope, take for granted this special privilege.  Meeting together in freedom, without fear and for worship is something we should never again need to be admonished to do!

A couple of weeks ago, a pastor friend of mine, anticipating that the flock he now serves as interim pastor would be meeting after weeks of “online” services, asked me to pen a poem celebrating this momentous milestone in the life of 21st century churches.  He was hoping to put whatever I came up with to music, so I did write the following (I am not sure if he was able to find a tune that would fit it musically) and wanted to share it with any today who might be interested in reading it.  The title is “Together Again.”

Together again, in the House of the Lord,
Together again, around His dear Word;
Together again, we’ve so long been apart,
Together again, with a song in our heart.
Together again, just to sit at His feet,
Together again, with sweet joy do we meet.
Together again, we are tuned to His voice,
Together again, Oh, how much we rejoice!
Together again, by the touch of His love,
Together again, a foretaste of above;
Together again, we’ve been led by His hand,
Together again, by His grace here we stand.
Together again, we’ve a story to share,
Together again, to tell of His care.
Together again, Oh, blest be His name,
Together again, through the “Shut Down” we came!
Together again, ‘til one day by His grace,
Together again, where we’ll shelter in place;
Together again, in our home there above,
Together again, in the fold of His love!

It was surely encouraging to hear our President last week proclaim that worshipping together in a local church setting is “essential.”  We knew it and it was good that the leader of the free world was not embarrassed to say that church gatherings are vital to the individual and national well-being of our republic.  Thank you, Mr. President!  Now, let us not “forsake” these assemblies but treasure them and participate gladly in the same as long as we are able-bodied and sound-minded enough to do so.

“Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another; and so much the more as ye see the day approaching.” (Hebrews 10:25)

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