Hufhand Appreciation

Last week a pastor friend, Dr. Larry Hufhand, marked a ministry milestone when he reached his 10th anniversary as publisher of the weekly Hufhand Report (HR) that many of you probably subscribe to, and, if you do not, you should consider signing on as those of us who have read it weekly have been especially blessed.  Dr. Hufhand pastored the First Baptist Church of Tipton, Indiana, for 41 years and has been interim pastor of a Baptist Church in Noblesville, Indiana, for the past several years.  I thought I would share with you a tribute, followed by a poem, which I implored him to allow me to contribute to his 10th anniversary edition of the HR which was published last Friday:

On this 10th anniversary of the HR (Hufhand Report) on behalf of the multiplied thousands of readers who have been blessed by the 500 editions of this weekly posting of informational and inspirational literary smorgasbords, let me congratulate you, our friend, Dr. Larry Hufhand, on a job done with extraordinary diligence, discernment and dedication to the cause of freedom, truth, the local church and the kingdom of God.  We have been the recipients of the choicest of blessings as we have enjoyed, usually over a cup of brew, reading your weekly reports.  You have been generous with your consumers, gracious to your critics, and unyielding to the enemies of truth.  We appreciate you immeasurably, applaud you unashamedly and wish upon you the reward that only our Lord can mete out at His Bema Seat.  We will continue to need our “Friday Fix,” so please do not entertain the idea of discontinuing your good work.  And, while we are expressing heartfelt gratitude to you, let us give special appreciation to your wonderful wife, Marion, who has patiently persevered your productions week after week, giving approval or disapproval of your humor and all the while encouraging you to scratch your literary itch and go ahead with hitting the “send” button on the computer.  We have never been bored, nor have we been disappointed to have heard from your heart, head and hand what you have held and do hold as core beliefs.  God bless you and “may your tribe increase!”

L.D. Hufhand
Pungent with a pen,
            Loyal to a friend.
Valiant for the right,
            Faithful in the fight.
Careful with the Word,
            Yielded to his Lord.
Fruitful in his life,
            Loving to his wife;
Grounded on the Rock,
            Servant to his flock;
Preacher through and through,
            To the end was true.
To his critics kind,
            Time for all did find;
Man of God was he,
            Plain for all to see.
May his tribe increase,
            Nevermore to cease!
“Huff” stood straight and tall,
            We do love him all!

One thought on “Hufhand Appreciation

  1. My friend M. Lynnette David Beauchamp receives your Hufhand Report every Friday morning. She forwards it to me.
    I would like to have it directly mailed to me if that is possible. I am a senior and as soon as I am able I will send
    a donation to help defray the cost of sending out this report. I really enjoy reading the report and always get
    something out of it to edify my soul. Thank you so much.


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