Christmas 2020

Hush!  The angels’ songs we hear,
Through time’s centuries year by year.
Peace on earth, good will toward men
Christ has come to bear our sin.
Wrapped in flesh the God man came.
Jesus is His holy name.
Came to live and came to die,
“It is finished” was His cry.
Herod’s temple veil was rent.
Then a quake from heav’n was sent.
Borrowed tomb became His grave,
He for sinners died to save.
From the tomb God’s Christ did rise;
Then ascended through the skies.
He one day will come again,
Life with Him will never end!
Year of years this 2020!
All mankind has suffered plenty;
You, my friend, can live forever,
Nothing from His love will sever.
Trust in Him, believe today!
He will wash your sins away;
Then on Christmas day you’ll sing,
Glory to the newborn King

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