The Monk

To those of you who knew and loved Evangelist, Educator and Missions statesman, Dr. Monroe Parker, it will surprise you that the Thomasville, AL native has been with his Lord for 25 years now.  He impacted so many of our lives, directly or indirectly, through his teaching, preaching and mentoring, that his memory is lodged in our minds permanently.  When he was called to what we believe to be his “abundant entrance” into heaven on July 17, 1994, having served faithfully as General Director of Baptist World Mission, I was motivated to write the following tribute to my dear friend, and would like to share it with you in hopes of keeping our memories of “Monk,” (his nickname) alive.  His autobiography is entitled “Through Sunshine and Shadows-My First 77 Years,” and my tribute is entitled “The Shadow Lingers:”

The shadow of his life was long, He stood for what was right, not wrong.
	God’s grace was what he always preached, and many were the souls he reached.

In Alabama grew the boy, He brought to humble parents joy.
	And when the Monk became a man, A life of serving he began.

He was a mentor to the youth, who sought to know and love God’s truth.
	He was a leader of God’s men, to each his spirit was akin.

With humor he could bring a smile and ease our burdens for a while.
	To every child he was a friend, and on him countless did depend.

A man of missions he was known, he loved God’s servants as his own.
	He daily for their work did pray and loved them to his dying day.

God’s local church was in his heart; it was his pillar from the start.
	Its every work to him was dear, and on its truths his mind was clear.

For faith delivered he stood strong and fought the battles hard and long,
	To friend as well to foe was kind, with Christian grace he spoke his mind.

He loved his family as his life and in his youth had lovely wife.
	God took her and another gave, then took and gave one to the grave.

Ruby traveled by his side, was there when Dr. Parker died.
	With him she oft did sing and pray and journeyed with him night and day.

For their Lord their lives they gave, nothing for themselves did save.
	To the end they labored long, never ever lost their song.

All will miss this preacher’s friend!  With his passing came the end
	Of an era, that’s been known, by the guidance he has shown.

We will miss him ‘til we meet at our blessed Savior’s feet!
	There forever bliss we’ll share in that City over there.

In that City up above where we’ll bask in Jesus’ love.
	Where no shadows e’er shall be with the saints eternally.

“...the righteous shall be in everlasting remembrance.” (Psalm 112:6)

		Tribute to Dr. Monroe Parker
		              July 1994
		          Anthony Slutz

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