And Ye Fathers

Another opportunity looms near this coming Lord’s Day, June 20, which has been designated “Father’s Day,” to reflect upon our fathers and find cause to thank God again for loving fathers who cherished us, taught us by example and exhortation, and disciplined us in faithfulness to God’s will, way and Word.  It was my privilege to have known and loved such a man of God who took his responsibilities as a father seriously.  A few years ago, contemplating some of the Biblical injunctions concerning fatherhood, I put on paper the following lines having meditated upon Paul’s Spirit inspired words directed to dads in Ephesians 6:4 where he begins “And, ye fathers….”  I share this with all on this Father’s Day weekend with heartfelt wishes that a memorable day will be enjoyed by all this coming Lord’s Day, Father’s Day:

           “And Ye Fathers”

	To fathers one and all
		His Word demands an ear;
	Take to yourself this child from God
		And hold him ever near.

	He is God’s gift you know,
		To teach and train each day;
	Lead him by your life and lips
		And walk with him the way.

	He has on him God’s image sure
		And Christ for him did die;
	Show him his need to trust in Christ,
		And to the cross draw nigh.

	Pray for his soul and agonize:
		Upon His mercies fall;
	Trust God to save them one by one
		As on His name they call.

	Then bring them up to love and serve
		The God who loves them each;
	With patience, skill and wisdom then
		Find time each day to teach.

	Pray over them always in love,
		 And never do despair;
	Commit each child to God above,
		Yes, trust His loving care.

	A father’s place in humble home,
		Reflects the Father’s grace;
	A privilege greater is unknown
		Than is the father’s place.

	And so “Ye Fathers,” God’s Word says,
		Take this my child for yours;
	And do not fail your holy task
		To meet on Heaven’s shores.

	To meet that child and others too
		Where parting ne’er will be;
	To sit complete at Jesus’ feet
		Through all eternity.

	With family circle there above
		Unbroken evermore;
	With children all around His Throne,
		And, safe forevermore!

And, ye fathers, provoke not your children to wrath:  but bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.” (Eph. 6:4)

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