Christmas Traditions

I have asked Ellen to allow me to reprint an article she wrote for the TRBC Times back in 2004 when I was senior pastor and she has agreed, so enjoy a few words from Ellen’s Corner:

What will your children remember about Christmas? Will they think only of good food and gifts under the tree or will there be an intangible element that produces a sense of belonging? Are you establishing some traditions that say ‘our family is unique in personality, character and heritage?’

Our traditions include the following: (1) Attending the Christmas Eve service. It’s one of the best ways to show the family Who is important in this celebration. (2) Sitting around the tree with all the lights off except the tree lights with a hot glowing fire in the fireplace. (3) Freshly baked cinnamon rolls for breakfast Christmas morning. (4) The reading of the Christmas story from Luke 2 before any gifts are opened. (5) An ornament for each grandchild every year. (6) Collecting change all year and giving it to the grandchildren so they can buy gifts. (7) A Christmas eve party. (8) Remembering those who do not have family. (9) Baking Christmas cookies.

These are just a few of the traditions that we have established for our household. We hope they will keep our children and grandchildren returning year after year, and that they will pass them on to their children.”

The lines are fallen unto me in pleasant places; yea, I have a goodly heritage.” (Ps. 16:6)

Thank You, Ellen.

And, for several years I have made it part of my Christmas tradition to write a Christmas poem each Christmas. The following is my contribution for the year 2021:

Through Christ Our Lord

He hung the stars in space,

            He made the human race;

He sent His Son by grace,

            Through Christ our Lord.

He spoke the truth so sure,

            He wrote His Word so pure;

He gave sin’s only cure,

            Through Christ our Lord.

He made the blind to see,

            He set the prisoner free;

He ransomed you and me,

            Through Christ our Lord.

He made the lame to walk,

            He made the dumb to talk;

He turns the stones to chalk,

            Through Christ our Lord.

He brings the dead to life,

            He calls the Church His wife;

His peace will end all strife,

            Through Christ our Lord.

Anthony Slutz, 2021

From our Home and Hearts to you and yours, “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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