Christmas Daze

Christmas Daze
Joyous times those Christmas days;	
	Happy times with carefree ways;
Children’s laughter filled the air,
	Moments precious all to share.

Gathered round the evergreen,
	Lights and glitter bright with sheen;
Gifts all wrapped and neatly placed,
	Smiles of love each face did grace.

It was Christmas, day of days,
	Time to sing great songs of praise.
Time to give and time to share,
	Time to let folks know we care.

Quickly did the wrappings fly,
	Wildly little fingers pry;
Off with paper, off with bows,
	Hope with every second grows.

Ah, the beauty of the doll!
	Long black hair and, oh, so tall.
Hold it close and tightly hug,
	Every heartstring it does tug.

Wow! the train, bright shiny red!
	Just like visions in his head.
Seen in dreamlands of the night,
	Now it dazzles in the light.

Toys and cheers and oohs and aahs!
	Dolls and dogs with velvet paws.
All are gathered round the tree,
	For this moment there is glee!

Gather round the table spread,
	Christmas turkey all are fed.
Naps and games-- now most are still,
	Food and fun, all got their fill.

Once again, they go their way,
	On another Christmas day.
Back to work and back to school,
	 To a world that can be cruel.

Back to thinking in the heart,
	How it long ago did start,
With the coming of God’s Son,
	Jesus, His beloved One!

His, the gift above all giving!
	His, the gift that still is living!
His, the gift of purest love,
	From the Father up above.

Thank you, Lord, for your great grace,
	For your Son’s death in our place.
Thank you, God, for Christmas Day,
	As our hearts bow now to pray.

                     Anthony Slutz
(Best of all to all! I hope you will enjoy some Christmas Daze on Christmas Day)

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