Strangers and Sojourners

A few days ago, “You and God” addressed the subject of riches and the dangers of trusting in them; the sheer vanity of doing so as expressed by the very wealthy King Solomon who suffered from what some have called “destination sickness,” defined as a person “arriving” only to discover he is “nowhere.” (H.B. London)Continue reading “Strangers and Sojourners”

Wings as an Eagle

Any preacher on any given Sunday in America could address his Sunday morning audience as a “gathering of people who might be considered rich.”  I did this recently to a small auditorium of several rural congregants yet folk who represented various professions and varying age groups.  To prove my thesis, I merely recited some readily available statisticsContinue reading “Wings as an Eagle”

Debate or Debacle

debate, di bat, an argument or reasonings between persons of differing opinions; dispute; controversy; quarrel; strife; contention. debacle, di bak l, to break up. A sudden breaking up of ice in a river; the complete collapse of an enterprise. Take your choice.  Parts of either of the above definitions would aptly characterize what the nation wasContinue reading “Debate or Debacle”

David’s Band

Our 25th annual faith-promise world missions conference at Thompson Road Baptist Church, October 1-8, 2006, with Pastor Larry Hufhand as our keynote speaker and featuring Ben and Becca Sinclair (Cameroon), Kevin and Mary Brunner (Philippines), Saundra Smith (South Africa), and Jodie Clark (Australia) among others was a blessed week, our conference theme being “Let the nationsContinue reading “David’s Band”

Your Sin Will Find You Out

The late Paul Harvey used to close his daily news program with a “For What It’s Worth” story.  On one particular day, he told of a man in New Zealand, a gas thief, who was siphoning gas from a car at 2:00 A.M.  As I recall, Paul Harvey reported that for illumination, since it was in theContinue reading “Your Sin Will Find You Out”