How to Become a Preacher

Ever wonder why or how a preacher became a preacher?  Some might think it one day dawned upon a particular person that he was a “natural” at public speaking; or that he had a winsome personality and was good-natured and a “people person.”  Some would guess that a certain man had a father or grandfather that wasContinue reading “How to Become a Preacher”

“Welcome Stranger!”

“Distributing to the necessity of saints; given to hospitality.” (Romans 12:13) In one of the New Testament’s “general epistles,” the book of Hebrews (13:2), first-century believers are exhorted to remember to entertain strangers because in so doing they just might be entertaining “angels unawares.”  Many believers, due to intense persecution of the early church, were throughContinue reading ““Welcome Stranger!””

Affirmations in Affliction

No one would choose to undergo a time of affliction, yet Paul bids us to be “patient in tribulation.” (Rom. 12:12) In the New Testament that word translated “tribulation” in Romans 12:12 is also translated persecution, trouble, and affliction (Acts 11:19; 2 Cor. 1:8; 6:4; 8:2).  Who would knowingly welcome such a state of affairs! YetContinue reading “Affirmations in Affliction”