Birthday Of Our Nation

This July 4th will mark the 244th birthday of our nation.  It will be the anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence, a document to which 56 men affixed their signatures knowing when they did that their lives and fortunes would be at stake.  In part, that historic declaration which most of the original signers lost theirContinue reading “Birthday Of Our Nation”

“And he gave some…evangelists….”

That’s right.  The Lord God, when building His Church, gave to it not only apostles and prophets, but evangelists.  These are gifted people who have been burdened and blessed with a desire to evangelize lost souls and strengthen weary churches.  In the era of the church-age in which we now live, we have come to consider the giftedContinue reading ““And he gave some…evangelists….””

Where Have All the Families Gone?

Most who read this will have been a member of what has been known as a “Nuclear Family,” consisting of a Mom and Dad and usually at least two children.  The family of four was a post-war phenomenon that flourished from 1950 to the mid 1960’s, a “golden era” of prosperity in the United States whenContinue reading “Where Have All the Families Gone?”