The Mystery of Iniquity

The Scriptures are replete with mysteries.  A Biblical mystery is some truth that is knowable only by special revelation or illumination from a supernatural source; in this case, from God through His Spirit by His Word.  Mysteries include the mysteries of which Jesus spoke when, in Matthew 13, he related a series of parables HeContinue reading “The Mystery of Iniquity”

Life in a Glass House

My children experienced something I never experienced—that is, growing up in a manse:  they were part of that often wonderful, and always special and unique group of individuals known as “pks” or “mks”—preachers’ or missionaries’ kids!  Being a pastor and having a family is a two-fold privilege, but the combination of the two is notContinue reading “Life in a Glass House”

The Missionary that Almost Wasn’t

In the late 40’s, a young mother learned that she was expecting her third child, while she was desperately trying to nurture two small boys. Her second son had contracted tetanus at 18 months of age, but that diagnosis was “missed,” resulting in his condition digressing to the point that, in the hospital, he stoppedContinue reading “The Missionary that Almost Wasn’t”