Waiting Patiently On The Lord

Most of us are not wired to wait well.  We prefer immediate and tangible results.  We don’t expect answers to our prayers will come instantly, but we do hope that the answers will come rapidly.  Learning to live patiently with expectations and anticipations have not proven to be the “strong suit” for most of us,Continue reading “Waiting Patiently On The Lord”

Prayer Made Effectual

James, writer under the Holy Spirit’s superintendence, of the powerful New Testament epistle of James, half-brother of Jesus, could not have said it more emphatically when, in urging his readers to practice praying persistently, he said “The effectual, fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.” (James 5:16)   Literally, the word order in its originalContinue reading “Prayer Made Effectual”

Making A Difference Around the World

We said farewell to our friend Bertha a few days ago who, on the third Lord’s Day of March in 2021, was escorted through the heavens to her home on high where she has an irrevocable deed to a dwelling place where Jesus lives and where she will live with Him and His forevermore.  HerContinue reading “Making A Difference Around the World”

“If We Did Not Go, Who Would Go?”

A  young man who had lived on the southside of Indianapolis, ending up for help at Lester Roloff’s Lighthouse for men from whence he would migrate to Tennessee Temple College in the early 1970’s, and a quiet, shy young lady from Prosperity, West Virginia, also a student at TTC at that same time, met, fell inContinue reading ““If We Did Not Go, Who Would Go?””

Two Kinds of Wisdom, Pt. 2

Our focus today is that wisdom from above, and our text book is the New Testament epistle of James, chapter three, verses 13-18.  James has identified two kinds of wisdom:  (1)  One that is earthly, sensual, devilish and, therefore, destructive, divisive and demonic; and (2) One that is from above which can be identified inContinue reading “Two Kinds of Wisdom, Pt. 2”