Satan’s Masterpiece

When Jesus visited His hometown to proclaim the good news of His Kingdom offer to His own, Mark says in his gospel that Jesus “could there do no mighty work…and He marveled because of their unbelief.”  (Mark 6:5,6) That’s a staggering thought:  that those who had watched Jesus grow from childhood to adulthood, the extraordinary son ofContinue reading “Satan’s Masterpiece”

Steady Does It!

An Italian envoy floated into a Stockholm port on an official visit and, observing a stately, ornate building at water’s edge, assumed they had found the palace whereupon they announced their arrival with a 21-gun salute.  One can only imagine the embarrassment when the visitors were informed that they were docked in front of what wasContinue reading “Steady Does It!”

Your Body and You

David said, “I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made….” (Ps. 139:4).  The more we learn about these bodies given to us for “tabernacles” on our earthly pilgrimage, the more we appreciate just how truly wonderful they are! Your heart is a perfect pump; the nervous system has never been equaled by anyContinue reading “Your Body and You”