Built for us in God’s own heart,
	She would love us from the start;
Watching o’er us like none other,
	We would cherish our dear Mother.

In her arms she drew us near
	There would chase away each fear.
Through her loving, soothing voice,
	We knew we were hers by choice.

From her eyes there shone rare grace,
	Love was written on her face.
With her hands she met each need,
	All our calls and cares did heed.

She was our first loving teacher,
	Doctor, nurse and even preacher;
Words of kindness she would say,
	Coaching us along life’s way.

Her wise lessons were our rule;
	Ere we set a foot in school.
She would teach us by her life
	How to cope with stress and strife.

One could see her angel eyes,
	When we called with coos or cries.
She was ever quick to come,
	Caring ‘til the day was done.

Lull-a-byes and sweetest song
	We could listen all day long.
Darkest room with heaven’s light,
	Mother’s presence would make bright.

With a word or touch we’d know,
	All was peaceful here below.
In her warm and caring arms,
	We were safe from fears and harms.

So, on this her special day,
	We would simply pause to say:
“Mother, Mother, Mother dear,
	You have brought to us such cheer!

We thank and praise you for your love,
	You’re a gift from heaven above!
From our earliest infant cry,
	To the day that we shall die,

We’ll thank God for you forever,
	Nothing from your heart will sever,
‘Til we draw our life’s last breath,
	We will cherish you ‘til death.”

We will honor our dear Mother,
	For she loved us like none other;
Built for us in God’s own heart,
	She has loved us from life’s start.

Anthony Slutz

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