Building A Christian Home, Part 3

Holding to Solomon’s timeless truth that “through wisdom is an house builded….” (Provs. 24:3) I have set forth in parts 1 and 2 of this study that in the building of a Christian home, one will need wisdom in establishing a right resolve in private and public worship, in family, and in personal disciplines ofContinue reading “Building A Christian Home, Part 3”

Building A Christian Home, Part 2

Living happily ever after is becoming rarer in our riddled world.  The ideal marriage too often morphs into an “ordeal,” and couples are too prone to throw in the towel, often neglecting good counsel from family, friends and faith leaders. Tim LaHaye cited a poll years ago that asked 3,009 wives if they would marryContinue reading “Building A Christian Home, Part 2”

Building A Christian Home, Part 1

One of my sons-in-law has done something I have never attempted to do: He has built a house from the foundation up. In fact, he has built many houses, and his workmanship is recognized as superior. I can’t imagine doing that, as I do not have the skills, though I do appreciate the fine workContinue reading “Building A Christian Home, Part 1”

A Sinner Meets His Savior

Jesus, walking along the shores of Galilee followed by six to eight disciples, had just returned to His home in Capernaum from a preaching tour that had taken Him throughout all of Galilee.  He had healed broken and burdened bodies, cast out demons, and instructed His disciples concerning the coming Kingdom of God.  He hadContinue reading “A Sinner Meets His Savior”


“The process of changing or causing something to change from one form to another” is a dictionary definition of the word conversion generally.  It would fit a New Testament scriptural description of someone who had been “changed” by the Holy Spirit upon the person’s “repentance toward God, and faith toward our Lord Jesus Christ.” (ActsContinue reading “con.ver.sion”