A Tribute to Fathers

Father’s Day is this coming Sunday, so I will dedicate this post to dads of all ages. And, simply, what I would like to do is pass along to you, fathers, and anyone else whose eyes have fallen upon these lines, a poem that I wrote to my godly father on the occasion of his 86th birthday in 1998. It is a bit different than the usual poem to a dad, but I think you might find it thoughtful.  I hope you will enjoy it, and if in any way you could use it, feel free to do so.  Dad would live to celebrate eight more birthdays, getting his Iowa driver’s license renewed on his last, at the age of 94. His wife of 72 years had passed on to glory just a few months before Dad would.  He came through the depression and cut wood in freezing weather, eating frozen jelly sandwiches if he could get them, and I respect him and loved him dearly. As I might have written earlier, Dad was the “hand-shaking” kind and never offered a hug, except for receiving one from my sisters who would not be denied. But his eyes spoke volumes and I never doubted his love, and will always be grateful to God for his memory. Oh, by the way, very late in his journey, I finally screwed up enough of whatever it took to give Dad a hug.  He did not of course resist.  I think it was a first and last for us, but I am glad I have the memory. I have tried to remember to give our son a hug whenever we part.

Time and Beyond
Time, the treasure given to each
With worlds of successes just out of reach;
Time past, ‘twas so fleet,
Time future, not certain:
We race to the finish 
To beat life’s last curtain.
Too often the fury with
Which life speeds by,
Keeps us from seeking 
Or asking just why.
Why are we here,
And where came we from?
Where will we be 
When all of life’s done?
Who are we, anyhow?
What is our goal?
Is there inside of
This body a soul?
Sages through ages
Have sought these I know:
God in His wisdom through 
Grace did bestow.
In His good Book
The answers we read;
By His bright light
Our souls He doth lead.
Leads through the maze
Of this trip to each given;
Leads by His grace and
Through faith on to Heaven.
Time will one day be
Forever no more; 
Heaven’s ahead on
Eternity’s shore.
No death there above,
No sorrow or pain:
Only His comfort and
Just what is gain.

Happy Father’s Day to all!  
June 19, 2022

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